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Wire rope lubricants we serve:

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Wire Rope Lubricants

There are two types of Lubrication Engineers’ wire rope lubricants 1) Penetrating and 2) Coating. Penetrating type lubricants provide superior load carrying capacity & corrosion resistance. They contain petroleum solvents to enhance penetration to the core of the rope whether or not they are in operation. Coating type, non-asphaltic, synthetic lubricants provide a self healing film to reduce wear & fretting corrosion.

Some of the benefits of Wire Rope penetrating lubricants are:

  • Superior penetration to the core of wire rope and to the pin and bushing area of chains
  • Provides long-lasting lubrication of inner strands of wire rope
  • High load-carrying capacity & friction reduction - works well for heavily loaded standing or running wire ropes
  • Resists fretting wear, a major cause of wire rope failures
  • Rust & Corrosion Protection - Performs extremely well in marine environments
  • Versatility works well with wire rope, cables and chains, as well as in many other applications requiring a penetrating lubricant

Some of the benefits of Wire Rope coating lubricants are:

  • Durable coating protects from water washing, exposure and acid
  • Repels dirt and prevents buildup of abrasive or corrosive particles
  • Does not drip, run or sling off during application or in use
  • High load-carrying capacity & smooth operation 60-lb Timken OK load is among the highest of available wire rope lubricants
  • Protects against fretting wear, a major cause of wire rope failures
  • Performs well and remains flexible across a broad temperature range

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