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In this course, managers, engineers and technicians alike will learn the impact that best-in-class lubrication practices can have on machine health and reliability. By advancing the lubrication reliability knowledge and expertise of your team, you can reap the labour savings and other hidden profits that are directly related to an improved reliability program.


  • Advance the lubrication knowledge and expertise of your reliability team
  • Gain control over the lubrication process and over your daily equipment reliability routine
  • Increase profits by increasing efficiency and reducing labour and downtime, all while protecting machinery

Course Outline:

  • Precision Lubrication & Machine Management Strategies
  • Applied Tribology: The Science of Precision Lubrication
  • Lubricant Construction
  • Performance Properties
  • Lubricant Selection Practices
  • Lubricant Application - Grease
  • Extended service intervals: reduced lubricant consumption
  • Improved reliability: less unscheduled downtime
  • Lubricant Storage & Handling
  • Introduction to Oil Analysis

Who Should Attend?

  • Equipment operators
  • Lubrication technicians & engineers
  • Machine reliability technicians
  • Maintenance managers & supervisors
  • Reliability engineers
  • Operations managers
  • Anyone who is concerned about improving lubrication practices at their facility