Storage & Handling

With all the different ways that equipment owners can invest in more effective lubrication practices, perhaps the most easily overlooked improvement is product storage and handling practices. Care is required to preserve product quality during storage and handling. Contamination and oil degradation due to improper or inadequate handling procedures add unnecessary costs to an operation.

The quality of Lubrication Engineers lubricants leaving the manufacturing plant is closely monitored and controlled. Stringent care is taken in manufacture, packaging and transportation to ensure that the products are free from contaminants. However, once the lubricants leave the plant, their continuing fitness for use may depend on the quality of subsequent storage or handling procedures. To achieve contamination free handling & transfer, Lubrication Engineers has partnered with the following companies:

Fluid Defense Systems
Fluid Defense Systems is evolutionizing fluid management from bulk storage to point of use. The fully integrated product line currently includes: 1) OIL SAFE fluid management system, 2) LABEL SAFE advanced labelling system, 3) GREASE SAFE ultimate cartridge management system. Click here for the product brochure.

IFH Group
IFH Storage and Dispensing System is a better way to handle industrial oils, lubricants and fluid. The benefits of using the IFH system are: clean product transfer, no wasted product, product stored right next to the work area, and it takes up much less floor space. Custom systems are available for special requirements. Click here to learn more.

A Tote-A-Lube storage & dispensing system is a low cost investment that pays high dividends in time saved, efficient use of space and a cleaner, safer work environment. Tanks are translucent for visual inventory of fluid levels. Click here for the brochure.

Liquidynamics Inc.
Liquidynamics is consistent with its goal of providing customers with innovative products. Customers will find many new, unique and interesting items for oil & grease transfer/handling equipment. Manufacturer of a wide range of oil and lubrication equipment, includes complete tank systems, air operated oil and grease pumps, electric oil pumps, hose reels, drains, dispensers, extractors, meters and various accessory items, such as grease guns, funnels and more. Click here for the brochure.