Client Services and Consulting

Lubrication Engineers of Canada is committed to offering excellent client support and after sale service. Our team of engineers can help troubleshoot your toughest lubricant-related challenges. By combining our products and technical expertise, we help our clients reduce equipment maintenance, operations costs and downtime.

We assist our customers in the development and implementation of lubrication maintenance programs by:

  • Recommending the best lubricant for each application by considering equipment, OEM specifications, operating conditions, operating environment, lubrication method and frequency
  • Educating customers in the proper use of our products, in order to maximize their performance and service life
  • Offering fluid analysis services and interpreting the results to assess the condition of the lubricant and detect unusual wear metals, oxidation, or any other abnormal conditions
  • Conducting site visits and audits to evaluate clients' existing lubrication programs and recommend improvements
  • Recognizing opportunities for lubricant consolidation to reduce inventory requirements and streamline the lubrication process