LE & the Environment

As a good corporate citizen, Lubrication Engineers®, Inc. recognizes its responsibilities to the environment and to the communities in which we do business and in which we live.

Lubrication Engineers®, Inc. has a strong commitment to continual improvement in environmental safety and pollution prevention. We constantly monitor our environmental management system to ensure our effectiveness in addressing potential impacts on our environment. At our manufacturing plant, LE employs pollution prevention practices, including training employees to recognize the potential environmental impact of their jobs.

LE is proud to have:

  • Aerosol products with no ozone depleting chemicals
  • No chlorinated solvents in any products

Lubrication Engineers®, Inc. ENHANCED LUBRICANTS™ minimize environmental impact by increasing drain interval time, that which means 1) less oil consumption 2) less oil waste to dispose. Lubrication Engineers' LOW TOX® product line features:

  • Low order of toxicity when compared to standard commercial products and even vegetable based and synthetic biodegradable products
  • Low-toxicity products designed to exceed the performance of premium products
  • Low eco-toxicity
  • Inherent biodegradability

For environmentally safe, high quality lubricants, we recommend: