Industrial Oils

Lubrication Engineers’ industrial oils are specially formulated with selected synthetic and paraffinic base oils. These oils have a very high natural Viscosity Index which assures minimal viscosity change as temperatures vary, resulting in better sealing between and separation of metal surfaces. Lubrication Engineers' industrial oils cover a wide range of applications. While often thought of as "inside" products, Lubrication Engineers industrial oils also have a wide variety of uses in mobile equipment, construction equipment & other "non-plant" areas.

MULTILEC® INDUSTRIALS OILS are a unique synergistic blend of 100% paraffinic base oils and exclusive additive technology, including MONOLEC®, LE’s exclusive wear-reducing additive. This scientifically balanced formulation provides performance levels and versatility unprecedented for petroleum oils, and performance levels far beyond that typical for 100% synthetic lubricants. With its ability to excel in compressor, hydraulic, turbine, R&O industrial and R&O gear applications, MULTILEC® is the most versatile and multi-purpose product on the market today.

In addition, Lubrication Engineers has air compressor oils, food grade oils, hydraulic oils, turbine oils, LOW TOX oils and rock drill oils in many viscosity ranges. Lubrication Engineers also provides refrigeration oils & chain lubricants.

Benefits of using Lubrication Engineers Industrial Oils:

  • Exceptional energy savings
  • Lower operating temperature
  • Minimize carbon, varnish or sludge formation
  • Excellent water separation ability
  • Contains MONOLEC®, LE's exclusive wear-reducing additive
  • Superior thermal stability
  • Anti-foaming additives
  • Rust and oxidation inhibited

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