Greases are applied in situations where lubricating oil would not stay in position and also for hard to reach points. Grease reduces the re-lubrication period and acts as a sealant to prevent contamination. Many OEM designs specify greases becauase they also minimize the damage from frequent starts and stops.

It is very important to know the right base oil viscosity, NLGI grade and texture of the grease for any particular application. Factors such as Load, Environment, Temperature and RPM in conjunction with thickener type influence grease selection.

Lubrication Engineers has the right grease for virtually any application including open gears, chains, slides, chassis points, seals, bearings, automatic grease systems, kilns, electric motors and food grade applications. Each of them offer their own unique performance characteristics and user benefits as they are formulated from the highest quality base oils, soaps and additives.

Benefits of using Lubrication Engineers Greases:

  • High Dropping point
  • 100% Paraffinic and Synthetic base oil- enhanced thermal & oxidation resistance
  • Excellent range of operating temperature – complex metal thickener
  • Proprietary additives – to reduce friction, eliminate water wash-out and withstand severe pounding
  • Available in different NLGI grades depending on the application

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