Gear Oils

Gear oils have two main functions 1) to lubricate the gear teeth and 2) to remove heat generated from the surface stress. The correct lubricant will provide slip-free power transmission even at high speed and eliminate pitting from forming in the contact region.

Viscosity is the most important factor when determining the correct lubricant. High viscosity will result in excess friction and degradation of oil properties associated with high temperature. The oil must be viscous enough to coat surfaces at higher speed, AND must be stiff enough to resist the squeezing of the lower speed gears. The additive type is selected based on the type of material used in the gear tooth construction. It is extremely important to note that EP additives are corrosive to yellow metals such as copper or brass (usually worm gears).

Lubrication Engineers manufactures a full line of open & enclosed gear lubricants using 100% highly refined paraffinic base oils and/or synthetic base oils for applications such as industrial, automotive, food grade, open gears and worm gears.

Benefits of using Lubrication Engineers Gear Oils:

  • Wear reducing proprietary additives
  • Superior oxidation resistance - formulated from high quality paraffinic and synthetic base stock
  • Separates readily from water - Demulsify very quickly
  • Non-foaming characteristics
  • Longer drain interval – less maintenance/lubricant cost
  • Versatility

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