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Dispensing Equipment

Macnaught Pty. Ltd

Lubrication Engineers of Canada is the exclusive importer of Macnaught brand lubrication and greasing equipment into Canada.

Macnaught Pty. Ltd. is an Australian-owned company that has built a strong reputation for designing and manufacturing innovative, high quality, durable products for the lubrication and fluid transfer industries. These products are sold to agricultural, industrial, automotive, mining, aviation and marine industries worldwide. Macnaught products are backed by a 5-10 year warranty.

LE’s Clear Grease Guns

It has been estimated that 60 to 80 percent of bearing failures are caused by grease cross-contamination. LE offers Clear Grease Guns as a simple, cost-effective solution for eliminating cross-contamination. The Clear Grease Gun is a reliability tool enabling industrial operations worldwide to eliminate mistakes. It is a perfect addition to existing reliability efforts, playing a role in elevating lubrication standards, increasing accountability and raising overall safety awareness. Click here for the product specifications.


Environmentally minded manufacturers will appreciate the refillable features of these single-point lubricators, since the unit can remain mounted on a bearing, with oil or grease to top off the reservoir. Lubesite will prevent over and under lubrication, increases workers safety and increases productivity as bearings get lubricated while the machine is running. Lubesite lubricator operates immediately on demand and there is no battery/gas unit to dispose of. Click here for the product brochure.


Liquidynamics, Inc. is consistent with the goal of providing customers with innovative products. Customer will find many new, unique and interesting items for oil & grease transfer/handling equipment. Manufacturer of a wide range of oil and lubrication equipment, includes complete tank systems, air operated oil and grease pumps, electric oil pumps, hose reels, drains, dispensers, extractors, meters and various accessory items, such as grease guns, funnels and more. Click here for the brochure.